Over 15 years of money management experience

Learn from a consultant that built and ran a book of business in excess of $70M as an IIROC and life insurance advisor

The difference between Management Consulting and Sales Consulting.

Management Consulting is:

  1. Invasive
  2. Lengthy
  3. Costly

Sales Consulting is:

High impact

Sessions are short, often no longer than one hour at a time.

Immediate results

Deliver immediate and gradually increasing results.

Cost Effective

Returns in revenue is a multiple of the cost for training.

Who we are

FLOW CAP ADVISORY is a sales consulting firm for financial professionals. Our specialties include soft skills training, effective client communication, and emotional intelligence development.

What our clients say about us

Edmund and his team have been integral to help me figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are as an advisor. They have provided me practical ways to improve on the weak aspects and effective utilize my strengths in a way to help build my practice. In a day and age where the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is so important Edmund helped me to define what made me different in a sea of advisors. I would highly recommend working with Edmund to help hold yourself accountable and to growth with a perspective of someone that is outside the industry but has inside knowledge of how it works.
– Nathan Clark

Let us introduce ourselves

Edmund Chien
President – Lead Consultant
Edmund Chien
Rinn Maximus
Associate Consultant
Rinn Maximus
Rashi Bindra
Associate Consultant - Events coordinator
Rashi Bindra